Advance Your Career with a PPM Certification

The AAPA Port Professional Manager Program is built on a foundation of interactive class-room-based, instructor-led sessions held over a four-year term where participants have access to the best and brightest thought leaders in the maritime industry. Covering all aspects of port management profession, these interactions enable you to become a seasoned professional and a valuable asset to your port

Candidates are required to complete all of the following core training seminars

· Marine Terminal Management Training

· Executive Management Training

· Finance Seminar

· Environment Seminar

· Public Relations Seminar

· Facilities Engineering Seminar

· Port Administration and Legal Issues Seminar

· Information Technology Seminar

In addition, they must attend any two of the following core training seminars

· Cruise Seminar

· Shifting International Trade Routes

· Security Seminar

Improve the Effectiveness of Your Organization

Ports increasingly expect executive team members to work across departments, collaborating with colleagues from different work backgrounds and areas of knowledge. While a healthy strategic plan and team building exercises can make sure everyone Is working toward the sam outcomes, they don’t always provide training that ensures senior managers understand each other’s roles and responsibilities.

By attending a wide variety of seminars focused on key line departments, as well as Executive Management conference and the Marine Terminal Management Training program, PPM candidates achieve an unparalleled understanding of roles of coworkers and counterparts. PPM classes attract port staff from a wide variety of disciplines, enhancing the learning experience for all participants. PPM graduates are uniquely positioned within their own organizations to reduce staff conflicts, lead multidisciplinary programs and streamline staff efforts on critical projects. 

Experience hands-on project-based learning.

The final requirement of the PPM certification is the successful completion of a project of the candidates choosing. This real-world learning experience ensures a functional knowledge and understanding of port management principles, roles and responsibilities, and techniques.

There are three options for meeting the project requirement:

· Author and present an industry white paper on a topic that advances port management theory or practice

· Assist on a port-specific project, such as a strategic plan, public relations campaign or economic analysis, then provide an executive summary on the experience and contribution to the project

· A “residency” of no less than two weeks at port other than their own to gain experience and expertise in another port environment and bolster professional relationships. 

Who Should Apply to the PPM Certification Program?

If you’re an experienced port manager looking to grow your understanding of the maritime industry, then the PPM is the right choice for you. The eligibility requirements: 

· Seeking validation or accreditation for future career growth

· Are a full-time employee of an AAPA member port or organization

· 5+ years of management experience 

· Have a referral to the program by their Port Director/CEO

The American Association of Port Authorities' (AAPA) 2019 Communications Awards Program offers the opportunity to showcase your port’s skills and talents in the areas of public/community relations, public affairs and marketing communications. Winning entries will be announced at, and Excellence, Distinction and Merit awards will be mailed out prior to, AAPA's 108th Annual Convention and Exhibition in Norfolk, Virginia, October 13-16, 2019. The highest scoring entry in each of the competition's three port resources categories will receive an Award of Overall Communications Excellence trophy.

Sponsored by AAPA’s Public Relations Committee, the annual Communications Awards Program has recog­nized excellence in port communications since 1966. The purpose of the competition is to showcase the most effective products, programs and services that public port authorities design and produce to meet their shared mission and their public relations, advocacy, advertising, branding and marketing goals.

AAPA’s 53rd annual Communications Awards Program is open to all AAPA Corporate (i.e., port authority) members, as well as governmental and nonprofit Sustaining members representing seaports (such as inland port authorities, port associations and maritime exchanges). 

PowerPoint Slide Requirement
All entrants MUST download the 2019 template PowerPoint slide, insert the specified entry information and graphics into the slide, including the organization’s logo, and include it as a file to each electronic entry submission to be eligible. One PowerPoint slide per entry is required.

Entry Timeframe
The 2019 AAPA Communications Awards Program will allow submissions that were produced, implemented and evaluated up to 24 months prior to the May 1, 2019, entry deadline. Previously entered submissions and any communica­tions older than 24 months are not eligible for judging in the 2019 competition.

Language Requirements
Supporting materials, such as advertisements, videos, websites and periodicals, may be submitted in any language, but your electronic entry submission and answers to the required entry questions must be submitted in English only for the judges to read. The purpose of allowing supporting materials in languages other than English is to encourage submissions from all AAPA-member ports in the Western Hemisphere.

Entries and (optional) supplemental materials that accompany entries will not be returned. Please do not mail originals or the only copy of any print submission materials to AAPA.

AAPA member ports and other eligible organizations may submit entries in one of three resource categories: Category 1 ports have a total annual marketing/PR/advertising budget less than US$300,000 (including related salaries); Category 2 ports have a total annual marketing/PR/advertising budget between US$300,000 and US$800,000 (including related salaries); and Category 3 ports have a total annual marketing/PR/advertising budget greater than US$800,000 (including related salaries).

Entry Classification Descriptions and Rules
Resource categories should not be confused with entry classifications. There are 15 different entry classifi­cations, ranging from advertisements and periodicals, to videos, social media programs and websites. Click here to view the descriptions of, and rules for, each of the 15 entry classifications.

Supplementary Materials
Entrants who want judges to see physical elements of their communications submissions, such as books, calendars, magazines and other printed materials, are asked to mail them in separately from their electronic entries. Please postmark you supplementary materials no later than May 1 and mail them to: Aaron Ellis, Public Affairs Director, American Association of Port Authorities, 1010 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.

The deadline for electronic entries and entry fees or invoice requests to reach AAPA headquarters is 11:59 p.m. (Eastern Time), Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Judging Criteria
Entries are judged by an independent panel of senior communications professionals in the Washington, D.C . area on the basis of: (1) how well the entry correlates to a defined communications challenge or opportunity (10%); (2) the extent to which the entry complements the port’s mission and overall communications program objectives (10%); (3) how well the entry summarizes the planning and programming components (10%); (4) how well the entry explains the communications actions and outputs that were undertaken (10%); (5) how well the entry defines the methods used to evaluate outcomes (10%); and (6) the overall quality and appeal of the entry (50%).

Entry Scoring and Awards
Each entry will be judged on a 100-point scale. Awards of Excellence will go to entries with scores above 90. Awards of Distinction will be given to entries scoring between 80 and 90, while Awards of Merit will go to entries scoring between 70 and 80.  In addition, the highest scoring entry in each of the three resource categories (Categories 1, 2 and 3) will receive an Award of Overall Communications Excellence trophy for that category.  

Online Entry Fee and Payment
The fee for each entry submission is US$125, which can be conveniently paid or an invoice generated by using AAPA's online electronic payment system. After submitting all entries electronically, CLICK HERE to either pay via credit card online, or by cash, check or invoice. Entries will not be processed without payment. Please contact AAPA's Aaron Ellis at (703) 684-5700 or if you have questions.

American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA)